Dùn-Phris – Dumfries Classes

Cearcaill Còmhraidh / Conversation Classes

Iomchaidh ga daoine aig a bheil cuid Gàidhlig (suitable for those with some Gaelic)

Dùn-Phris: Feasgar Diciadain 6.30f gu 8.00f | àite: NWRC, Lionchluidean |air toiseachadh 25.04.18
Dumfries: Wednesday Evening 6.30pm to 8.00pm | venue: NWRC Lincluden | starts 25.04.18

 class due to start 25.04.2018


Iomchaidh ga daoine aig a bheil cuid Gàidhlig (suitable for those with some Gaelic).

Feasgar Dimàirt 15.00f gu 16.30f | àite: NWRC, Lionchluidean | air tòiseachadh 17.04.2018
Tuesday Afternoon 3.00pm to 4.30pm | venue: NWRC Lincluden  | Starts 17.04.2018

class due to start 17.04.2018

Course suitable for beginners* Starts Thursday 21st Sept @5:30pm or 6:45pm

Cost £35 for those earning £25 for unwaged(10 weeks).
If you are unsure, why not come for a week or 2 and see if it suits you; and you can pay then.

Feasgar Diardaoin 17.30f gu 19.30f | àite: NWRC, Lionchluidean | air tòiseachadh 19.01.2018
17:30f airson daoine ùr,  16:45 airson daoine aig a bheil cuid Gàidhlig
Thursday Afternoon 5.30pm to 7.30pm | venue: NWRC Lincluden | Starts 19.01.2018
17:30pm for new beginners, 16:45pm for those who have a wee bit of Gaelic.

Airson fiosrachadh nas motha (more information) bho Barbara Lewis post d/ e-mail: blewis6993@aol.com

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