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Clas Seinn / Song Class

Iomchaidh ga daoine dèidheil air seinn (suitable for those fond of singing). Gaelic at any level.

The Gaelic Song Class Na Seinneadairean will restart  1st. Sept. 2018 

at Kirkpatrick Durham Village Hall at 11.00 until 13.00.

We’d be delighted to see class members old and new for another term of fun Gaelic singing under the brilliant leadership of Nicola Black.

The termly fee will be £10 or £4 per session, if you would rather pay each time or can only make a few dates.

Please try and bring the correct money as we may not be able to give change.

Alternatively you can pay by cheque made payable to Gàidhlig Dumgal.

Further dates  are:   15th, 29, Sept;  and 13th, 27th October;  10th, 24th, November;  8th December 2018