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Litir bheag tro Zoom.

Litir bheag tro “Zoom”. Would you be interesting in reading Roddy’s ‘wee letter’ together via zoom? We have been doing this for 10 weeks, and plan to do another 10 weeks, starting Tuesday 6th October @ 7pm . Whatever level of Gaelic you have, but not suitable for a complete beginner. Please contact Andrew Wilson e-mail:

Important Notice regarding Privacy.

A Chairdean, I am contacting you to check that wish to hear from Gaidhlig Dumgal
about Gaelic classes, and Gaelic events.
  •  We do not share your contact details with anyone, and the only people who have access to your contact details are Gaidhlig Dumgal office bearers (chairman, secretary and treasurer) or your Gaelic class teacher, if you are attending a class.
  • If other Gaelic language associations, or local musical / cultural events send us information, we send it on to you, we do not give out contact details to them, and would not do so, without your express permission.
  • Thank you for your interest, and support of Scots Gaelic, we are committed to encouraging and promoting Scotland’s oldest surviving language, we see it as a vital part of our historic tapestry, and identity.  If however you do not wish us to hold your contact details, and not send you information about classes and events, please will you reply to this e-mail:
  •  We do not need to know why, but we do need to ask you if you want to continue hearing from Gaidhlig Dumgal.  If you do not wish to hear from Gaidhlig Dumgal please simply reply, saying “Please remove my contact details from your contact list”




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