Gatehouse of Fleet Galloway (Gall-Ghaidhealaibh)

luchd-toiseachaidh / beginners class

Iomchaidh ga luchd-tòiseachaidh (suitable for beginners & those with some Gaelic).
the course will use the lessons from a FREE open university course.  Please 
enrol and start reading:

10th October 2017 (Tuesdays @ 2:15pm) for 10 weeks to 12th Dec. 2017.
Gatehouse of Fleet Parish Church Hall. £25 for 10 weeks.

 Cheques payable to Gàidhlig Dumgal. logo_smallGalloway Lion



Clàraichibh ri Anndra Wilson (Register with Andrew Wilson) post.d/ Airson fiosrachadh nas motha (more information): Fòn/Tel. 07722114518



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