Monthly Archives: October 2016

Consairt Nollaig/ Christmas Concert


Gordon Memorial Hall ( St Ninian’s Episcopalian Church) Castle Douglas
3pm Sunday 18th December 2017

Borders Reel & Strathspey Society (conducted by Barbara Lewis) with  ‘spots” from
na Seinneadairean (Gaelic Song Class)

bidh srùpag ann le ceic nollaig.  Nach tig sibh a blithe còmhla riunn?  Cost £5. 

Catrìona Leacsaidh Chaimbeul

Catriona was the Gaelic poetry judge at this year’s Wigtown Book Festival.  On the Friday evening Peggy Hughes chaired an event where Catriona talked about being a writer and read some of her work.  Wow! Abair fior sgriobhaiche!  amazingly gifted, intuitive, writer.  Steers clear of  giving a safe ‘cosy fireside’ picture of Gaeldom, but writes about real stuff in Gaelic.  I bought her book Cluicheadairean, which is about a love affair between a football player and his partner, they are both blokes.  She graciously gave me a copy of the play Shrapnel which is based on a novel her father wrote.  If you get the chance, read her, or listen to her. catrionalc